I’m Back

I feel ready to spread my wings— stretch my muscles… You know, all the cliches.

The problem is: I know writing shouldn’t be just a muscle that I stretch, but rather it should be one I condition. I’ve spent my life punching clocks for a paycheck, doing work I don’t even enjoy. It’s time to reclaim my energy. Focus my determination.

I say all of this to apologize for my unannounced hiatus. Going back to the office caused a seismic shift in my daily schedule, and it threw me off for a while. But I’m back! Though it will be at a reduced rotation. Still, some writing is better than none.

It’s not all bad news. My reduced blog activity is also due to work I am doing on a longer project, not just because of my day job. Even so, I do not want to neglect the work here, and it is my intention to get back to writing at least one post a week, with a book review thrown in here and there.

I thank all of you prose seekers and lovers for being patient with me. I appreciate your attention and support.


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