Scene from Eden & Ingrid: Party Preparations

The McKays gave a party every year at the beginning and end of summer, along with other lesser festivities book-ended between. At the beginning and ending parties the Who’s Who of society appeared, making the nobility of Stillbank look like unbecoming peons. A week of preparations went into both parties, but there was a fervor about the season opener that could not be paralleled.

Scene from Eden & Ingrid: Arrival

Some rumors say he came on the 3:15 from New Orleans the very afternoon of the McKay party, and that he had nothing in his pockets save a wallet containing a few dollars and his identification. Most people agree that he was running from something and had spent his last money on the train. Yet try as anyone might, beyond Atlanta his antecedents could not be traced.

St. Claire: Part Two

William Jay has come to the club St. Claire not only to reminisce about his life in the Louisiana swamps during the Roaring Twenties when the booze needed to be hidden and the men weren't always what they seemed; he has come to make his confession. "Part of the story," he tells his dinner partner, "you already know..."