Writing is Hard Work

The words feel slippery today, as if they’re a pat of butter sliding across a sizzling skillet. Take a fork and stab them, but they’ll slide on past. The words seem to dissolve, leaving nothing more than an iridescent residue on my page–nothing I can build with. Nothing than even resembles a good idea.

I flip through writing prompts on my phone, hoping for inspiration, but looking becomes the distraction I’m hoping to avoid. The clocks ticks. The wind shakes the leaves on the trees outside my window, and still, the words sizzle and fizz into nothing.

It’s never easy when writing becomes work.

Prose Lovers, What do you all do when you’re “just not feeling it”? How do you get over writer’s block or push through less-inspired days? Please, leave me a comment or maybe a writing prompt. I would love the help.- K

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