Things Change

Working from home you must adjust your expectations of the mornings. No more stumbling across darkened parking lots fumbling for your key fob. No more friendly banter in office hallways. No more gossip before you settle in.

The highlight of the morning now is a glass-walled Bodum french press. The squeak of my cupboard door, and four scoops of rich, pungent coffee dropped into the bottom of my press.

My cat blinks up at me from her spot beside my feet.

“What?” I say. “No. You can’t have any. It’ll stunt your growth.”

Oh, the ways the world has changed!

© 2021 Katie Baker

Happy Friday, Prose Lovers! This has been a bit of a crazy week for me. Have any of you had one of these moments lately? Where you just realize how much your life has changed over the past two years? I’ve been one of the luckier ones in some ways, but it’s still interesting to mull over how many of the changes we’ve undergone haven’t been ones we got to choose for ourselves: good and bad changes both.

Anyways, there’s always something to be thankful for, even if it’s just fresh ground coffee! I hope the weekend finds you well! 💕

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