They Break so Easily

I keep expecting things to shatter. I pick up my French press, the dishwater drips, suds slip down its sides. I think: the noise this thing will make if I drop it… I can almost feel the shards bounce around my toes, crystal and sharp, winking in the light. I can hear the smash, the chatter of pieces against the tile, the intake of breath.

These things break so easily.

8 thoughts on “They Break so Easily

  1. Yep. As of this writing, I’m drinking my coffee, but the little black piece of plastic that holds the plunger together won’t do its job correctly so I have to sift out random, floating grains of ground. Tragic.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wrote this after I had my first car accident (not serious, thankfully). I kept having these flashes of things breaking abruptly because of how fast the accident had happened.

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