Here’s Your Lighthearted Note

Here’s your lighthearted fluff for the day!

As many of you know, I enjoy running (see Runner’s High). Many of you may also know that I have a cat.

How are these two things related you ask? Are you some sort of cat whisperer, Katie, that you’ve convinced your feline to run with you?

No. Definitely not.

I link these two things by a simple observation I made this morning after getting out of the shower, post run. I swiped away the mist from my mirror, turned my head a quarter turn to my right, and spied my rose gold earbud case nestled sweetly atop my squalene cream, high on the shelf above my sink. Funny place to keep your electronics, I know, but to understand my need to hide my running earbuds high above the sink among such strange bedfellows as glass cosmetic jars, you have to understand my cat. Or any cat, really.

What is it about cats that, when they find a small cat hockey puck shaped item lying around on top of any wide surface (or narrow surface for that matter), makes them feel the need to bat that hockey puck shaped item around? This is my second pair of running earbuds, and I’m sure the demise of the first was due to my human ignorance of the feline temptation to fling small things from great heights and chase them tail bobbing across the floor.

Some of you may know my Sylvie. I think there is some small malevolent (though completely innocent and playful) streak running through her that makes her lurk behind doors and under furniture and around corners just waiting for me to set down any small fragile, hockey puck shaped thing so she can work her masterful plan of destruction. She is as sweet as she is mischievous. Although she is my friend, sometimes I’m not so sure.

And so I keep my rose gold earbuds high on the shelf, which is too narrow and too far for her little paws to bat. It occurs to me that rather than me training her to behave (fat chance with our feline friends), she has trained me.

© 2022 Katie Baker

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