The Small Fish Story

Trying to get a story published feels a bit like fishing. You try to find a promising stream (agent/publisher/magazine). You toss out your line— watching it wink past the sun and drift out across the watery glaze— and then you wait.

“Here, fishy. Come on, fishy. Don’t you like my little worm?”

Some people are smart. They cast out several lines, but even then, one must wait. For a fish to bite. That miraculous tug when the line dips in the water, your pole bends, and the reel spools out quickly.

“Yes! I’ve got one,” you cry.

More often than not, you cast your line, and you wait. You might hook a snag. You might feel a tease— that glancing tug followed by a disappointing release.

Trying to get published feels this way the most— year’s long devasting fishing trips. Many discouragements. Few trophies.

© 2023 Katie Baker

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