Author’s Note: Spooky Season

Hello Prose Lovers! 🥰

As I write, it is a rainy and gray, though unseasonably warm, morning here at my house. I’ve already been for my run and have watched the dark clouds roll in over the hilltops, soft rumbles of thunder giving ominous hints as to their intent. It is the kind of morning that makes me want to curl up with a spooky book.

Now, if you know me, you’ll remember that I typically do not like to read (or watch) spooky things. The creepiest I usually go is true crime (which should be the creepiest of all because it happened and it’s possible, but it doesn’t bother me as much for some reason). Yet I’ve been rolling around some spooky story ideas for the blog since it is October, the season of spooky, and all of my neighbors have put up their Halloween decorations.

My street is like a haunted carnival attraction at the moment. Walk down the sidewalk and motion detecting decorations spin in your direction and reach for you with skeletal hands. “Ba-ha-ha-ha!” they laugh in ghoulish voices.

Recently, someone gave me a collection of Edgar Allan Poe short stories, and reading through a few of them reminded me that short stories can often be the best and most effective vessels for the spooky genre. All of this makes me wonder, what are some of your favorite spooky stories? Do you tend to stick with true crime? Or supernatural? Or maybe classic, like Poe? Who are some of your go to authors for October book picks?

I’m needing some inspiration! -K

2 thoughts on “Author’s Note: Spooky Season

  1. Frances Bellerby remains a relatively unknown 20th century west country writer. Her poetry and her short stories are some of the best haunted writings I’ve read. I reckon you’d get a kick out of her stories of place and time. x


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