Maybe It’s Strange

Maybe it’s strange, but I really don’t mind the darker mornings in the fall. There’s something cozy about the dark pressed up against my window panes, and the way it makes the light inside my house seem more golden. I enjoy the extended mornings because in the summer, I’m usually awake as soon as the sun rises, and I never get a lazy morning. Even though I do all the same things I do on summer mornings, it feels as if I get a lazy morning or two here and there… once the coffee brews.

Come January I won’t feel the same– I know. The darkness will become cold and harsh and LONG, and I’ll ache for some sun. But for now, the mornings burn slowly as the days grow shorter, like a torch flickering low in honor of the year’s coming demise.

Prose Loving Friends, what is your favorite season? I think that I love them all (even winter these last couple of years I’ve worked from home). Since I moved into my own house, I’ve made it a goal to get outside in every kind of weather and season and really get to know the look of the world in all its outfits. There’s some good to find in each season. Even in the rainy days!

What do you love most about autumn? (Yes, you can say pumpkin spice if you want!) As I move into November, I want to turn those loves into gratitude! Easier said than done sometimes, but I can try.- K

10 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Strange

  1. My favorite season is winter. The snow, the deep sleep of nature, the darkness in the morning, snowflakes on the window, the way my soul feels when it looks outside during a snowy day. And of course the Holidays.


  2. My favorite season is Spring, not too cold, not too hot and flowers start to bloom🌹🌸🌻🌷🌼🌺 And the favorite things to do in Autumn is seeing another colorful season in the year…the fall foliage is so gorgeous😍


    • I do love spring, too. Everything starts to get colorful after the nakedness of winter. This is why it’s hard for me to have a favorite season. They are all beautiful. We’re just starting to go past the height of fall colorfulness here where I live. 🍂

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  3. I like spring: the damp, earthy smell of mud sometimes makes me dizzy; sights and sounds of critters not seen in a year; naked trees criss-crossing one another in mid-March wind.


  4. The late autumn light and the cosy nights and the (lack of) preparation for another winter always makes me happy and sad – and love the sadness, too; somehow! Jumpers and scarves and hats and boots 🙂


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