The Maniacal Reader

Have you ever met someone who loves books and stories just as much, if not more, than you? You can always tell another literary fanatic by the way their eyes light up when they recommend a book to you. This isn’t just an: “Oh, that’s nice. You should check it out,” kind of light in their eye. It’s a gleam of almost religious fervor or maniacal delight. It says: “I will convert you.”

These are the type of people who will lean across a dinner table twelve long to speak to you cross-conversation about their reading list (and yes, they all have reading lists, usually accessible on their phones). They can identify the major themes of their favorite novels in thirty seconds or less and tell you exactly why their favorite author is their favorite author.

To some, they might be the eccentric at the party, but only to the unimaginative.

These are people who cannot turn down a literary excursion as long as they are promised by a fellow enthusiast that “you won’t be disappointed.” They are the well-read. The carriers of unexpected knowledge. The twisters of five-dollar words. And they couldn’t care less that you think they are eccentric. In fact, they probably pity your lack of imagination.

A reader of books will never run out of sunrises or adventures or enthusiasm for the little wonders of life.

©️ 2021 Katie Baker

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