Book Review: The Fiery Cross

by Diana Gabaldon


Recommend to lovers of historical fiction

I always love my excursions back into the world of the Frasers. However, I downgraded this book to four and a half stars because I felt the story just wasn’t as tight this time around. In fact, it’s rather hard to give a synopsis of the story.

The book follows many episodes and escapades, including the Regulators Revolt (which happened before the Revolutionary War), Jamie’s militia service, a quest for revenge concerning Bree’s ordeal in previous books, and the discovery of other travelers like Claire. Plus many, many more small episodes. Murder. Forest fire. Missing gold. To name a few.

Even though I didn’t find this to be the best book in the series, I still found reading it a bit like comfort food for my brain. The writing style is enjoyable. The characters are old friends and alive on the page, and the addition of little Jemmy was just delightful.

Fans of the Outlander series will not be disappointed.

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