Sisterhood in Snapshot

When my sisters and I get together, it can be a bit bewildering. We will sit around and everyone will speak at once and LOUDLY— and heaven help whoever the non-sister is sitting in our midst.

“What’s that one movie?… Oh… We should watch it with him sometime—” my older sister says of her boyfriend. “Logan—”

“Lucky!” three voices cry in unison.

“Yes! Logan Lucky!” says Sister #3.

“Our cousin hates that movie,” mumbles Sister #4.

“Oh, it’s such a good movie!” I say.

Bewildered, Sister #1’s boyfriend looks scatter shot amongst us all.

“It’s like the hillbilly version of Ocean’s 11.” 

“It’s like a NASCAR heist movie.”

“Only there’s not much NASCAR.”

“Except there are a lot of drivers who make cameos.”

“And Daniel Craig,” I throw in. “One of his best roles. You kinda forget it’s him.”

“Oh, I love Daniel Craig.”

“And— and—” I snap my fingers— “Oh, the one guy from Star—”

“Adam Driver!” Sister #1 says. Her boyfriend jumps.

“I love Adam Driver.”

“So funny looking.” Sister #4 with a smile and a giggle. “But yeah, it’s such a funny movie. It’s even got Seth MacFarlane—”

“Seth MacFarlane?” I say. “Who does he play?”

“The guy!” at least two of them shout.

Sister #1: “You know, the weird looking, rude owner guy.”

“Really? That’s Seth MacFarlane?”


“It’ll definitely make you laugh,” my mom throws into the sudden lull.

“Such a good movie,” Sister #1 says.

Her boyfriend nods and looks at her with an overwhelmed smile. “We’ll have to watch it sometime.”

We’re like a sales team or a Masterclass in Coercion.

© 2022 Katie Baker

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